Obrador Florida has become a trendy ice cream parlor in Buenos Aires, Argentina since its opening
Subject to the availability of ingredients, depending on the time of year, the menu is renewed seasonally according to what can be sourced from markets and organic fields.

For the development of brand identity we created together with Martina (Marte) Galarza an isologo with the most important concepts of the brand: the flower, the fruit, the seeds and the craftsmanship. The fruit chosen to work with was a vanilla bean, the flagship flavor of the store.

We created whit Nahuel Rollan an illustration for each season of the year with its corresponding flowers and fruits whit 

Client: Obrador Florida
Agency: Santiago y Nicolás
Art and Creative Direction: Nicolás Smud

Brand Design: Nicolás Smud and Martina (Marte) Galarza
Graphic Design: Delfina Lopez Davio
Production: Sol Pergierycht

Logo and Isologo: Martina (Marte) Galarza
Winter fruit pattern: Martina (Marte) Galarza
Spring, summer and autumn fruit pattern: Nahuel Rollan

Brand Photos: Laura Macias - Art Director: Loli Braga Menendez
Architecture photos: Pedro Yañez - pedroyanez.com.ar

special thanks: Mercedes Roman

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