We were selected by the architectural collective Supersudaca to create the infographic design for the 10th exhibition of Galería Monoambiente, closing the Versus exhibition and confronting the conflict between considering ourself local vs global while elaborating a narrative in a design project.

Directed by: Bestia
Creative Directors: Emil Iosipescu, Andrés Simone, Nicolás Smud.
Lettering: Marcelo Seoane.
Gallery: Monoambiente.
Joint Venture With: Supersudaca (Arq. Ana Rascovsky y Arq. Max Zolkwer).
Contributors: Nevena Milosevic, Iris Kolivanoff, Milagros Barchi, Juan Pablo Siri, Carmen de Cordoue, Louise de Sagazan, Florencia Rissotti, Ines Toscano, Mike Rubin, Ariel Di Lisio y Arturo Peruzzotti.
Photography: Pablo Gerson.
Japan Photography: Matin Huberman.

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