Ginebra Llave is a drink born in Schiedam (Holland) that in the year 1867 arrives in Buenos Aires being thus the second registered trademark in Argentina. Throughout the 20th century it became an icon of Argentine popular culture but in the last 20 years its brand was losing its arrival to new generations.
The objective was to generate a more "fresh" identity without losing the essence that characterized them. We put together a global approach to communication in stages, generating a graphic system that starts from an institutional base and that opens up in different instances throughout the campaign.
The first point to develop was the front of the product, the premise was to maintain the structural elements of the bottle so that it remains recognizable. For this we reformulate the curvature and signs of the brand, the red button, the key and the color palette. Unify typographies and illustrations to give greater coherence and identity. We also developed a commemorative edition for the 2014 soccer world cup.
We generate a series of pieces to cover all media: clothing, print, corporates for bars, elements for bartenders and other promotional items.
Work done as design director at

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