Brincar Foundation is a group of fathers and families of health and education professionals working together for the integral development of children and young people with autistic conditions. They create spaces and activities relating to expression and recreation, strengthening the training of their families and fellow professionals while developing community actions and awareness ensuring their participation as active citizens.

How important is eye contact in regards to human communication?
What happens when eye contact is the only form of communication that we can establish with others?
One of the big problems in autism is the deficit in the development of verbal language and communication. Autism harms a person's ability to communicate and relate to others.
As a starting point we focus on the uniqueness of people, their feelings, their own way of expressing themselves and communicating with the world beyond words. We focus on the looks, the smiles, the gestures, the person.

Work done as design director at
Bestia Team: Andrés Simone / Santiago Nicolás Smud / Kaj Thostrup

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