For over 30 years Fundación arteba has been the organizer of one of the most important contemporary art fairs in Latin America, fostering Argentinian and Latin American art. On occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, we decided to design the new visual identity of the foundation, along with the identity, communication, and development of its website for the 2021 edition of the fair.

The idea behind our rebranding was mainly to forge a renewed visual identity that is in line with the various art movements and the scene of international art.​​​​​​​


The evolution between our previous and current brand styles basically revolves around a change in the typography used, thus leaving behind the capitalized ‘arteBA’ form, a clear reference to the City of Buenos Aires. The aim was to convey the concept of a more all-encompassing fair including the whole region instead, not just Buenos Aires.

For the design of the logotype we opted for a sans serif typography. Additionally, we decided on 2 styles of ‘a ’ letters —a subtle rebel gesture typical of a brand allied to contemporary art— in an attempt to represent the diverse existing artistic movements.

The result is a modern, inclusive, nationwide, and contemporary logotype that coexists alongside a heterogeneous set of art practices.​​​

We designed a website for the 2021 fair with 3 parallel navigation columns in the home page so that the visitor can browse different works, galleries and artists, in this way we emulate the feeling of discovery that the visitor has during the tour of the fair. Once the fair is over, the website becomes a platform for permanent consultation for the Latin American art scene.

We made a commemorative video for the thirtieth anniversary. The purpose of the piece is to generate a sense of belonging, to remind the viewer what arteba means for culture and the art scene. 

Client: arteba foundation
Agency: Santiago y Nicolás
Art and Creative Direction: Nicolás Smud

Brand Design: Nicolás Smud
Typographic Adjustment: Ariel Di Lisio

Fair 2021
Art Direction: Nicolás Smud and Santiago Goria
Graphic Design: Santiago Goria
Production: Solange Pergierycht
Graphic Production: Ztarq Design

UX/UI: Emil Iosipescu
IT: IT rocks

Brand Animation: Lucas Gugliara
30 years anniversary video: Motion Principales


arteba staff (special thanks): Daniela Oviedo, Maia Guemes, María José Oliva Velez, Amalia Curutchet

Photo: Pedro Yañez -
fair photos and artwork: Courtesy of arteba

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